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Creative Workshop
Ready to make something big?

This workshop is your creative warm-up. Jack understands how complex creative ideas can get. Run by Jack Thomas Taylor himself, he will help you unpack your ideas, test concepts, challenge conventions and get deep into your mind. In this workshop, Jack will use methods to understand your vision and how it will differ from what’s already in the market. This workshop is a multi-step process where he collaborates, designs, and constructs ideas using various traditional brand strategy tools combined with cultural nuance. Jack will problem-solve through practical scenarios and past experiences. This process includes an interview, followed by a 3-4 hour creative meeting, followed by a summary document on our findings.
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Strategic and Creative Advice
Do you have a method to your madness?

As a creative strategist, Jack Thomas Taylor is always looking for patterns and trends. By developing a rich understanding of you and your brand, Jack will turn his observations into insights that can help steer you through ups and downs. This could be something short or long-term. It could be a meeting with a contractor you think is giving you the runaround or a quick catch-up to bounce some ideas around. Whatever it is, Jack will have your back. His advice will guide you to a place that protects you and your investor's interests. Whether you like it or not, we will always be brutally honest. Jack has a reputation for walking away from a project if he doesn't think he can help you. We won't take you for a ride.
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The Play Book
Want to play?

The way you play can tell a lot about you, your brand and who your customers are. Will you be serious or playful? Do you play with colour and type, or do you like to keep it simple? Are you experimental or strict and rigid? Will your business grow and multiply, or will it be a flagship experience? The PlayBook is the blueprint of your company that will guide you through the ups and downs, keeping you on track and steering you in the right direction. This guide, authored by Jack Thomas Taylor, is based on findings discovered in the creative workshop, turned into insights, and will ultimately be the document you share with new staff, potential investors, stakeholders, and even your landlord. It will showcase how you play, now, always and next.
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inside the box

Strategy planning, setting and implementing

Jack Thomas Taylor is a natural strategists. And although you might not think it's important, trust us, all good things start with a well-thought-out direction. Although the plan will change over time, it's essential to understand your intentions, the direction you are headed in, and what shortcuts can and cannot be taken.

Cultural insight, exploration and advisory

Jack Thomas Taylor has called the Arab world his home for a while now. He has a nuanced understanding of the culture here, its differences, similarities, threads and red lines. Jack's work is based on a unique blend of research, observation and practical understanding.

Creative direction

Jack Thomas Taylor is a perfectionist. And he will stay awake all night to bring your design to life. For him, it's all in the details, from the visual design to the customer service. He will ensure that every touch point of the audience and customer journey is well thought out with strategic insight and designed to enhance the overall experience.

People and project management

Having a rich understanding of project management and cross-cultural communication allows Jack to successfully lead teams and get the best out of people. This is how he can take a concept from paper into reality. He doesn't focus on weaknesses but rather on people’s multiple strengths.

Exhibition making, curation, and development

The environment you use to tell a story impact how the audiences will learn, behave and feel. Jack Thomas Taylor always starts with a critical question, he will constantly ask why and to what end and he will layer the story as a whole with interpretation. Jack will explore matters of concern rather than matters of fact and tell non-linear, non-chronological, and non-encyclopedic narratives. Over the years, he has successfully conceptualised, curated and launched several exhibitions and complementary projects.

Creative ideation and concept generation

Creative ideation is about bringing the best of an idea to life, and the fact is, nothing is truly unique. Rather than thinking outside the box, Jack will jump deep into the box. He help you add some excitement to your project, help develop the concept further, and in most cases, allow you to focus on what you can do as the main project and what could be introduced to complement it.

Copy and technical writing

Being able to clearly articulate your own idea is often difficult. As a storyteller who started in print media, Jack knows how to wordsmith. He can give fresh eyes to the existing editorial you have prepared or write everything from scratch. Whether this is the text for your website, a creative brief for a design team, or a technical tender document, he has experience across the board. Jack knows what to include and leave out and has successfully helped clients communicate their intentions to a wide range of audiences in multiple tones and styles.

Research and critical thinking

Providing critical feedback backed by research that is clearly understood is tricky. Being able to apply that research and critique is even more complicated. As an academic with practical, real-world experience, Jack sits in the middle of understanding academically robust thoughts and ideas while being able to apply them to real-world and live situations.

Complex problem solving

Sometimes you just need someone to guide you through the process to help solve a problem. In our experience, Jack finds it helpful to use insight and hindsight to inform foresight. He will look back and assess potential problems and pain points before looking ahead. By doing so, he can help solve complex issues and provide expertise to help improve projects.
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