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From creative workshops to strategic consulting, Jack Thomas Taylor works on every aspect of an experience. Jack's methodology puts creativity and his client's ambitions at the core of the conversation.
Discover, think and question
Approaching a project with a question establishes a foundation for critical and creative thinking. Formulating a thesis provides a gateway to discover new meaning and allows for an exploration of ideas. Being successful at this early stage provides clarity and enables a clear roadmap.
Ideate, define and value
Critical thinking leads to problem-solving. From this point on, creating scenarios that allow for reflection will provide meaningful opportunities to help the project move forward. This ideation process will form the value statement and manifesto for the project. This part of the process is when knowledge is applied, added-value points are defined and ideas and expectations are outlined.
Manifest, make and develop
The narrative is the core of any meaningful experience. In this step, it's essential to understand the story from multiple points of view, allowing for the inclusion of diverse voices, listening to how aspects can be interpreted differently and testing if elements can be added or removed. Prototyping the concept, working collaboratively in a sprint-like process and repeating as necessary until it's near-perfect will allow the project and the team to grow.
Analyse, evaluate and deliver
Making analysis and evaluation part of your strategy from the outset means that you have already factored into the timeline a stage to polish your project. To understand the success of a project and where improvements can be made, a testing period allows the project to be tweaked before being delivered. Using design thinking to strategically plan junctures where feedback and improvements can be made positions the project as a long-term mission.
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